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Thank you, Mr. Falker

Thank you, Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco is a great story about a young girl named Trisha who struggles to read all throughout elementary school.  The book describes the frustration of not being able to keep up with other students and being bullied in the process.  Trisha makes it all the way to the fifth grade where her teacher, Mr. Falker, realizes that Trisha is dyslexic and needs extra help with reading.  The book ends with Trisha being able to read and growing up to be a children's book author (the author of this book).  Thank you, Mr. Falker could be used as a way to introduce students to dyslexia and the struggles some of their fellow classmates have.  It would also be a great bullying prevention and/or self-confidence book for students.  After reading this book, students could write about a time they have ever felt bullied or have ever been insecure and what the student did or will do to overcome his or her struggle. The reading level of this book is the middle of grade 1 to the end of grade 2 with a 24 level according to the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA).