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A Bad Case of Stripes

A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon is about a girl named Camilla Cream who loves lima beans, but pretends not to like them to fit in with her classmates at school.  On the first of school, Camilla comes down with a bad case of the stripes and changes into everything the people around her tell her to change into.  Camilla's situation becomes so bad until an old lady gives Camilla lima beans to eat.  When Camilla eats the beans, she is cured, and when she returns to school she accepts who she is as a person and eats lima beans without caring what others think about her.  A Bad Case of Stripes gives the perfect opportunity for teachers to help students embrace the thinks they like and accept who they are as a person.  An activity that could be done in the classroom is having the students make a drawing of themselves with the stripes, but draw the things that make them unique and that they like.  The reading level of A Bad Case of Stripes is 610L (2nd Grade) according to the Lexile leveling system.