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My Name is Not Isabella

My Name Is Not Isabella - Jennifer Fosberry, Mike Litwin

My Name is Not Isabella by Jennifer Fosberry is about a girl named Isabella who refers to herself as a variety of different strong and influential women of the world throughout one day.  At the end of the book, Isabella goes to bed confident and as herself, but she wonders who she will be tomorrow.  This is a great book for young girls to explore as it shows that women are powerful and can achieve greatness.  My Name is Not Isabella is also a good book for a history lesson on women's history because it gives small bios at the back of the book on each of the women mentioned in the story.  An activity that could be done with this book is to have students research a person they look up to and have the students make a cereal box biography on the person. On the Lexile reading level measure My Name is Not Isabella is AD640L (Grade 3).