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She Persisted

She Persisted - Chelsea Clinton, Alexandra Boiger

She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton is a picture book that discusses the issue of women being told that they cannot do something based on their sex.  The story shows thirteen famous and influential women who were pushed down and told they could not do something, and they all went through a struggle, but stayed persistent and changed the world.  The book ends by telling the reader to keep dreaming and making changes to the world even when others try to bring you down.  She Persisted is great for young girls because it can boost their confidence and make girls believe in themselves.  The book also gives great details about the thirteen women in history.  An activity that could be done with this book is to do a writing activity about a time each student has persisted through a struggle.   According to the Developmental Reading Assessment leveling system, She Persisted has a DRA of 30 (Grade 3-4).