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Who Was Helen Keller?

Who Was Helen Keller? by Gare Thompson is a chapter book that follows the life of Helen Keller, a woman who was deaf and blind, and how she succeeded in reading, writing, speaking, and becoming such an influential person.  The book discusses how Helen Keller got her disability, how she was taught to read and write, and what Helen accomplished after she graduated from college.  Within the book there are small inserts about braille and important people Helen came across in more detail.  Who Was Helen Keller? would be great for a history lesson, but also for broadening students views of the different people around them and what challenges they have to face in life.  One activity to go with this book would be to have students write in braille using the six dot braille alphabet.  Teachers could also have the students try to relate to Helen Keller and others with a similar situation by putting on a blind fold and ear plugs and have students see what life would be like from their point of view.  Who was Helen Keller? has a Developmental Reading Assessment Level of 40, which ranges from Grade 3 to 4.